Folded Structures Lab

Research Group at the University of Queensland


Folded sheets create intuitive physical analogue models from which computational design methods can be learnt or applied. This philosophy is basis for research at the UQ Folded Structures Lab, who seek to adapt geometric sheet patterns to invent and improve folded structures and devices.

Origami-Inspired Engineering

Origami-inspired engineering is a unique discipline – it draws on a historical artistic technique to solve cutting edge technological problems. The field has translated the knowledge of the artist – including folding patterns, materials, and techniques – to the mathematical and computational domain.

This fusion of design technique has led origami-inspired engineers to huge breakthroughs in areas as diverse as robotics, manufacturing, aerospace, and architecture, while maintaining the creative and hand-on prototyping approach of craft-based design.

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Lightweight & Modular Construction

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Computational Design

Computational design is the use of computational methods and digital technologies to amplify the capability of an individual designer or design team. Computational methods exist to support all stages of a design process, from problem formulation right through to delivery of a final solution. New methods are also constantly emerging as digital technologies become increasingly prominent across design professions.

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  • Parametric & Generative Modelling
  • Digital Fabrication & Robotic Construction
  • Computational Design & Digital Workflows